Balance Fitness and Flexibility is a one-of-a-kind bodyweight-based boutique fitness facility in Hauppauge, New York. Our group classes utilize gymnastic style bodyweight training methods, as well as the immersion of yogic stretching and mobility work. Our goal is simple! We want to help everyday adults and fitness enthusiasts alike develop strong and mobile bodies for the long-haul. Longevity in our training is key, so we place an emphasis on safely and effectively prepping every part of the body from joint health and stability to increasing strength and range of motion, injury prevention and overall quality of movement.

Our programs have been created through a collaborative approach to fitness – we’ve taken the best techniques and tools from different origins across the globe and put them into practice by founder Coach Elise. Our unique methods of fitness are perfect for advanced students and complete beginners, as everything we do is modified to meet you where you’re at.

If you are looking for a superior method of fitness, want more freedom in movement, or have your eyes set on new and challenging skills, Balance Fitness and Flexibility will help you go as far as you dare!



Balance is key – and also happens to be the primary inspiration for Coach Elise when she began the journey of creating a full time career out of her passion for fitness. After seeing a disappointing disconnect in other programs and their results, Elise knew that she wanted to create a program that bridged the common gaps of strength and flexibility, until finally, Balance Fitness and Flexibility was born.

Coach Elise attended the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education program at Hofstra University and earned a Personal Trainer License. At the same time, Elise received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from the Always at Aum Yoga School. She noticed that although both programs were excellent in their own ways, they were also worlds apart. So, she continued her education through workshops and certification programs in Hand Balancing, Bodyweight Training, Kickboxing, TRX, Animal Flow, Contortion and more.

Through her extensive knowledge, training and work in all of these diverse areas of fitness, Coach Elise created the balanced program that she was searching for, and the passion inside her facility is noticeable. Coach Elise hopes to challenge and inspire her students in a similar fashion as her personal journey, and wants to change the way her community, and the world at large, views and practices fitness. She’s dedicated to working with each student on finding their unique balance, and promises you’ll have a lot of fun along the way!