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Strength. Mobility. Balance.

There’s a more balanced path to fitness. Your workout routine should offer you a sustainable way to increase your body’s potential for the best quality of life. Balance Fitness and Flexibility utilizes a unique blend of the world’s best exercise methods to give you long-lasting joint health, unparalleled strength, greater ranges of motion and injury prevention. Your workouts should inspire your potential and fuel your passions.   MORE...


I’m not a yoga person. Balance, flexibility and mobility are not terms that describe me or really concern me. Coach Elise not only challenged me with power and strength training but also with mobility and flexibility work. I never appreciated how important these are. As a woman over 50, injuries come often and easily. Elise tailors her workouts to my goals and I enjoy and look forward to our sessions. I would encourage everyone at any level to work with Elise. She has the unique ability to assess your abilities and help you achieve goals you never thought you could attain. I may never be “flexible” but I have more mobility than I ever thought I could have – and working on the monkey bars is a lot of fun. Thanks Elise for making me appreciate that strength and power are nothing without mobility. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?
— Carol D.
Balance Fitness and Flexibility is a blessing from the sky. As a triathlete, I struggle with the swim portion of the sport. With help from Elise, I was able to connect my body as a whole and excel in the swim. My times have improved and I can now go harder and faster. Elise has vast knowledge and experience in the human body and its functionality which makes her the perfect person to go to for any physical challenge. I recommend her studio without a doubt and will always keep coming back to her classes.”
— Carlos E.
Coach Elise and gymnastics training have completely changed my approach to fitness! As a multi-sport athlete coming off major hip surgery, I was not sure if I would ever be able to return to being competitive. While my physical therapists did a fantastic job and I was able to return to “normal life,” something was missing. I had lost my athletic flexibility, mobility, strength, and most importantly the confidence that I could regain it after such an invasive procedure. Elise evaluated and challenged both my strengths and deficiencies. She continues to help and encourage me to safely push past my self- imposed limitations. She does not allow me to doubt myself, and is teaching me to refocus the negative energy into becoming more in tune with myself athletically in order to confidently reach my goals. Gymnastic training is not only a great workout on its own but is an amazing supplement to EVERY single other type of training. From bodybuilding to combat sports, soccer, tennis, dancing, even building IKEA furniture, athletes can only benefit from its unique attributes. It is also SO MUCH FUN! Using gymnastic equipment makes me feel like a kid again and it’s amazing! Additionally, this program provides so many different ways to challenge yourself, whether it is in form, reps, time, weight, even as simple as working your way to being able to complete a movement just once, there has never been a day where I did not experience the positive energy that comes from accomplishment. There are literally thousands of fitness trainers out there, so WHY ELISE? It’s simple, her passion. It comes through in her preparation for each class, her understanding of how to teach anyone at any skill level, and her commitment to each person’s success. In short, Elise really does care about each and every one of her students. And her passion has created an atmosphere at where her students care about one another’s success. We sweat, laugh, sweat some more, almost always laugh some more, and motivate each other to do the best we can. For me, regardless of my primary form of fitness – if I decide to step back onto a soccer field or into a kickboxing ring, it won’t be without Elise in my corner. Thanks Elise!
— Gregory W.