FitFlex Total Body

Tip-top shape means full body health – from every major muscle group to each small connective tissue, ligament or tendon. We know that our bodies only function at their best when they are supported, with 100 percent attention to detail. This class does just that! Gain strength, mobility, flexibility and overall greater body awareness with drills designed to give you a full body workout. Challenge yourself, work hard and have fun. The sky is your limit! 


Hand Balance

Transform your mindset, and get comfortable being upside down! Even if you’ve never fathomed doing an inversion, this class will safely take you to handstand glory! With a focus on wrist health, shoulder mobility, proper body alignment, and exit drills, the cues you’ll learn in class will take you as far as you dare to go. We’ll start with wall walks and kick-ins and move into holds, freestanding and more advanced press variations and shapes at whatever pace you progress. Soon you’ll be fearlessly practicing the perfection into your handstand, everywhere. 


FitFlex Legs

Make the most of Leg Day! Moving beyond your typical lower body workout, this class will work both the strength and mobility components of your entire lower half. From your hips and glutes to your feet and toes, we take you step-by-step to building a powerful lower half. The health of your legs depends on the balance with which you train flexibility AND strength – so it’s time to train smarter. Move with added agility, confidence and dynamic strength. Don’t skip Leg Day again! 


Base & Back

Did you know that the Posterior Chain (think: hammys, glutes, traps, etc.) is one of the most influential muscle groups in the body? And following suit, it’s the legs and back that are the primary ingredients for a healthy, happy, posterior chain. That’s why we decided to dedicate a class to the Base and Back! While working both necessary elements of a long-lasting posterior chain: strength AND mobility, we’ll fine-tune and fuel your posterior longevity in a group class setting. So, if you’re “all about dat bass (base)...” join us for class!


FitFlex Upper Body

The most powerful physiques are well-balanced! This means working all angles of your upper body strength from pulling and pushing strength to active mobility hanging drills. This class helps you develop sustainable strength gains by utilizing bodyweight-based techniques to conquer all obstacles – in and out of the gym. Get strong, and have fun while learning to use the monkey bars, stall bars and gymnastic rings to stay challenged and engaged for the long-haul.



Find freedom in your body’s movement and learn to move the way nature intended! This refreshing and energizing class addresses all our modern-day mobility deficits. In increasing your flexibility, joint health, and range of motion, you’ll find you can do more in fitness and in life, while aiding you in injury prevention down the road. Flexibility is at the center of a well-balanced fitness regimen, so bend with the times. This class blends static (still) and dynamic (moving) stretches, to work the entire body’s flexibility through grouping emphasis on front splits, middle splits and thoracic bridge. 



Ready, Set, Go! If you’re looking for a fast-paced and challenging total body workout, then jump into Bootcamp and unlock your inner warrior! This circuit style class uses ever-evolving, unique drills to enhance your full potential. Each station is designed to challenge your strength, mobility and balance while enhancing your agility, dynamic strength, and power. Jump in, and give it all you’ve got! The reward is the mental and physical aptitude that will keep you coming back for more. 


Rock Your Sockets

Rock those sockets and bulletproof your joints! This unique and one-of-a-kind workout is designed to give you long-lasting, health and strength in your shoulder girdle and hips. Stabilizing these sockets today, means you’ll prevent injury tomorrow! This class will take you through smaller and more controlled exercises that both strengthen and mobilize the joints being targeted. This class is a must for everyone as it results in a greater range of motion, better daily movement, and a body that feels better everyday. It’s a win-win. 



Full body movement can be yours! Move in new and challenging ways by engaging in a class flow that focuses on full body engagement, spatial awareness, mobility and strength. In pairing different moves and positions into a flow, you’ll uncover a fresh, animalistic perspective, inside and out! Connect to your body in a class that will not only prep your tendons and joints but help you discover your body’s unique expression. Find fuller freedom in how you move, every day. 


Beginner Rings

Rings aren’t just for elite athletes anymore! Learn the basics of gymnast-style ring strength in this accessible, scaleable, and FUN class. With a focus on pulling strength, proper hand positioning, bent arm AND straight arm strength, you’ll get the BEST upper body burn while utilizing just the weight of your body. This class was designed for complete beginners and advanced athletes alike, as each exercise is scaled for you. Get ready to commit to the skills that will help you develop a fearless mindset and a stronger body. Ring leaders are made here!